Biopeptide Complex – a biologically active
„bomb” of natural fish collagen peptides

Peptides are organic chemical compounds that are formed by amino acid particles bound with a peptide bond.

oligopeptides – short chains formed of few amino acids polypeptides – longer chains formed of 10 and more amino acids

Oligo – and polypeptides exhibit strong anti-ageing properties as they are responsible, i.a., for regulating cellular processes and intercellular communication, affecting significantly skin functioning


NUTRIVI WATER – a brilliant carrier, organized, thanks to special generators, into hexagonal structures. The use of Nutrivri water in products stands as an example of a perfect synergy with all the remaining ingredients, Biopeptide Complex included.

a perfect carrier, it allows the skin to almost completely absorb active and nourishing substances contained in the cosmeceuticals, strengthening and nurturing the skin to a much greater extent. It has an enormous ability to penetrate every, even damaged skin cells. It provides intense hydration, stimulates regeneration of damaged structures, strengthens natural defense mechanisms and soothes irritations.

It’s produced thanks to generators that are an incredible invention, capable ofchanging water structure.