The amber line is a rich range of products based on exceptionally valuable succinic acid, acting as a biostimulator. It is an extremely potent component in the fight against signs of aging. In addition, it also has disinfecting and anti-rheumatic properties and can soothe the effects of

Day and night creams are perfect for dry and dehydrated skin, and even skin prone to irritation. Regular use of these products will contribute to better cellular metabolism, faster regeneration of the skin, and improved microcirculation, so that the skin will be oxygenated, nourished, moisturized and brightened (because one of the many properties of succinic acid is whitening). The body lotion deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, significantly improving its condition. In addition, it will alleviate the effects of irritation.

The body scrub included in the line contains a natural amber abrasive that perfectly cleans and improves the skin tone, stimulates microcirculation and makes the skin smooth and moisturized.

Finally, the whitening serum – the skin will become radiant and full of light, and the combination of succinic acid and vitamin C will be an effective antidote to fight its discoloration.


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