Unique selection of products created in two lines: AMBER and SILVER.

In each of them, we offer a protective day cream, a
regenerating night cream, a moisturizing body lotion, an exclusive
whitening serum and, in the case of an amber line, a fine-grained
body scrub, and the peptide serum in the silver line.

It is worth noting that both lines contain vitamin C in their products, thanks
to which these cosmetics also have a whitening function – they
are an effective tool in the fight against all kinds of discolorations.


The amber line is a rich range of products based on exceptionally valuable succinic acid, acting as a biostimulator...

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The silver line was created on the basis of silver, which shows, among others, anti-inflammatory
and regenerating properties...

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Energizing, oxygenating....
Regenerating and....
Ultra-moisturizing and....
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Protective day cream with UV filters – with a light texture, does not clog pores, absorbs excess serum and leaves an invisible film on the skin. The stabilized form of vitamin C contained in it provides a significant anti-aging effect.

In addition, squalene properly strengthens the epidermal barrier and effectively nourishes the skin, while vitamin E, called the vitamin of youth, restores the skin’s natural glow. A rich set of three extracts: from the root of Angelica acutiloba, which delays anti-aging processes; Aloe Vera is soothing and moisturizing for demanding skin and Mexican Agastache mexicana, reduces redness and effects of psychological stress on the skin.


Regenerating night cream – the skin is firmer and better nourished. A recipe based on squalene, which naturally strengthens the epidermis and almond oil providing deep hydration and nutrition. In addition, the contained stabilized form of vitamin C has an anti-aging effect and gives the skin a natural glow.

Pigment clearly smoothens wrinkles, shows high absorption of sebum, and aloe Vera extract and d-panthenol have a soothing and moisturizing effect.

In addition, the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid has a positive effect on the improvement of the condition of dry and tired skin, and the root extract from Angelica acutiloba delays the aging processes.


Moisturizing body lotion restores natural softness to the skin and makes it more nourished and moisturized.

The rich formula strengthens the natural lipid barrier of the skin and protects against free radicals. Included almond oil has a rich moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging effects. It also improves blood circulation. The acids, mainly oleic and linoleic acids, as well as vitamins (A, B, D, E) highly soften the skin and contribute to the strengthening of the protective barrier of the epidermis.

The rice oil is a rich source of vitamin E and gamma-oranyzol, which makes the skin firmer. The included phytosterols strengthen the epidermis, moisturizing and protecting against water loss. The body lotion deeply penetrates the layers of skin unreachable to
other components.


The lotion also contains an extract of Nannochloropsis ocultata microalgae which has a strongly lifting effect – it immediately tightens the skin and makes it firmer. This component also stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which gives long-lasting firming benefits.

The whole ingredient is also complemented by the ingredient obtained from the Imperata Cylindrica plant – a very rich source of vitamin K preventing the loss of water from the body and allowing a long-lasting feeling of moisturizing the skin and silk proteins that make the skin soft and velvety.


Exclusive serum for care of dry and dehydrated skin, prone to irritation. A complex of concentrated amber extracts improves cellular metabolism, supports the natural defense mechanisms of the skin, accelerates its ability to regenerate, improves
microcirculation. In addition, the contained L-arginine makes the product strongly moisturizing to the skin, not only strengthening the lipid layer of the epidermis, but also by penetrating into its deeper layers helps retain water in them and has a soothing and firming effect on the skin.

The gold particles contained in the serum (amber line) or the silver particles (silver line) will make the complexion radiant and full of light.


Biopeptide Complex – a biologically active „bomb” of natural fish collagen peptides...