Becoll Biopeptide serum Silver 50 ml

Multifunctional preparation for face, body and hair care. Thanks to the combination of unique active ingredients, such as a unique collagen-peptide complex, silver ions, vitamin C, biotin, urea as well as hyaluronic acid and Hydromanil serum, it regenerates, nourishes, moisturizes, soothes skin irritations and restores shine and strength of hair lacking vitality.

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Multifunctional serum for face and body skin as well as hair. The unique recipe contains a composition of ingredients with rebuilding, moisturizing, nourishing and soothing irritations. It is a composition for daily care    of all skin types, in particular those requiring regeneration, tired, delicate, easily subjected to adverse external factors. The multi-purpose serum will also work as a scalp and hair care product Рrestoring balance, vitality and shine.

The main active ingredients of the serum is the collagen-peptide complex obtained from fish skins. One of his tasks is to regenerate, nourish and soothe irritations. The presence of antibacterial silver ions cooperates with peptides in the field of alleviating and eliminating inflammation, contributing to obtaining healthy, firm skin. Hydration guards are hyaluronic acid and Hydromanil. Urea and biotin, which also contributes to improving the condition of the hair, supervise the skin cell renewal support. Vitamin C, given a stable form, which prolongs and intensifies its action, brightens the skin, and as a strong antioxidant protects its youth.

Biopeptide Serum is a universal preparation, created for multi-path care of face, body and hair. A composition of unique active ingredients ideal for everyday use, but also an effective rescue for skin and hair requiring special treatment.


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