Becoll whitening serum Amber 50 ml

A concentrated whitening serum for the face. Four synergistically interacting natural active ingredients: valuable succinic acid, a unique collagen-peptide complex, vitamin C in a stable form and angelica root extract brighten the skin, eliminate discoloration, even out skin tone, while ensuring its hydration and regeneration. The presence of light-reflecting pigments brings an immediate brightening effect.

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A concentrated whitening serum for skin struggling with uneven skin tone. The rich formula of four ingredients with a brightening effect stimulates the fight against discoloration, while nurturing the skin, increasing its moisture level, supporting regenerative processes.

Biostimulative succinic acid obtained from valuable amber brightens the skin tone and clearly improves its condition, slows down the aging process. The unique collagen-peptide complex obtained from fish skin is a multifunctional cocktail with anti-aging properties, eliminating discoloration and skin spots. The recipe could not miss a reliable antioxidant – vitamin C, known for its strong whitening effect. Delivered in a stable form, it works even more efficiently and longer. In contrast, angelica root extract improves skin tone by improving microcirculation and relieving inflammation.
Can be used alone or as a complement to skin care. Amber Collagen Whitening Serum effectively deals with uneven skin tone. Thanks to the presence of light-scattering pigments, it allows you to enjoy your brightened and delightfully illuminated complexion right after application.


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