Becoll body lotion Amber 50 ml

Ultra-moisturizing and firming body lotion, designed for all skin types, especially dry, flaccid, requiring regeneration. Contains the power of essential ingredients, including valuable succinic acid, a unique collagen-peptide complex, almond and rice oils, extracts from selected plants that improve skin condition: smoothing, rejuvenating and evening out its color.

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Velvety body lotion filled with a wealth of active ingredients that bring the skin ultra-moisturizing, nourish and firm the skin, care for its regeneration, improve its condition and even color.
Because of the synergistic action of substances with exceptional hydrating properties and maintaining a high level of hydration, such as squalane or cylindrical Imperata extract, the balm moisturises long-lasting and deeply.

The natural extract of Nannochloropsis Oculata microalgae is responsible for the firming effect, thanks to which the body looks slender and healthy. Precious skin succinic acid, known for its biostimulative and brightening effects, and a unique collagen-peptide complex with strong anti-aging properties, cares for skin regeneration. Essential oils from almonds and rice provide the skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins, thanks to which the skin is nourished, strengthened, resistant to external factors. Ginkgo extract improves microcirculation, gives elasticity, reduces “spider veins” and discoloration.
Amber Collagen Moisturizing Body Lotion used regularly will restore skin firmness, saturate it with moisture and nutrients. It will noticeably strengthen so that the skin impresses with its elasticity, vitality and radiance of healthy complexion.


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