Becoll day cream Amber 50 ml

Energizing, oxygenating and brightening cream for daily care of all skin types, in particular tired, lacking radiance, with uneven color and signs of aging. Contains valuable succinic acid, a unique collagen-peptide complex, vitamin C and natural plant extracts. It leaves the skin moisturized, brightened, toned, resistant to external factors.

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Daily skin care cream, with a light texture and rich formula. Full of active ingredients, selected for the care of all skin types, with particular emphasis on tired, dull, uneven color and signs of aging.

Contains valuable succinic acid with a bio stimulating effect, stimulating skin regeneration, brightening its color and a unique collagen-peptide complex with anti-aging properties, obtained from fish skins. Their action is supported by the vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that effectively deals with skin discoloration. Natural plant extracts: from Japanese angelica, Mexican Mint and Aloe Vera soothe irritation and reduce redness, while Gingko Biloba seals capillaries and improves subcutaneous circulation. Nourishing squalene strengthens the skin and prepares it for meeting daily challenges.

Thanks to regular use of Amber Collagen Day Cream, the skin becomes bright, shines, looks young and radiant. In its depth,theĀ  regenerative processes is accelerated. The skin gains strength, deep hydration, thanks to which it copes well with the influence of the external environment and stress.


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