Becoll day cream Silver 50 ml

Energizing, oxygenating and soothing cream for daily care of all skin types, in particular sensitive, tired, lacking radiance, with signs of aging. Contains among others unique collagen-peptide complex, anti-inflammatory silver ions, vitamin C in a stable form and natural plant extracts that reduce the sensitivity of the skin to external factors. It leaves the skin moisturized, toned, with soothing irritations and more resistant to their formation.

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A unique cream for daily skin care, loved for its light texture and rich formula. Full of active ingredients selected for the care of all skin types, with particular emphasis on sensitive, highly reactive, tired, with discoloration and signs of aging.

The list of valuable ingredients is opened by a unique collagen-peptide complex obtained from fish skins, whose most valuable properties are regeneration, soothing irritations, and nourishing the skin. The presence of a natural antibiotic in the form of silver ions provides anti-inflammatory, soothing and firming effect. Natural plant extracts from Japanese angelica, Mexican mint and aloe also take care of support in the fight against hypersensitivity and reduce redness. Nourishing squalane strengthens the skin and prepares it for meeting daily challenges, and the stable form of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, effectively deals with skin discoloration.

Regularly used Silver Collagen Day Cream moisturizes, nourishes and soothes sensitive skin. In its depth, regenerative processes are gaining momentum. The skin gains strength, deep hydration, thanks to which it copes well with external factors irritating it, including stress.


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